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photo of walnut bud
 May 2007
 Photos taken while visiting Grinnell's Nursery in
 Lansing, MI; where we purchased our first grafted
 trees. (click the photo)


hazelnuts growing on branchNEW TREES!!!!

  We've added several pecan, an almond, heartnut and
  a Burart nut tree. Check 'em out!  See the album here


Hazelnut tree yields - 2011Hazelnuts of 2011 - our first crop

Our two little bushes produced a healthy yield for its first year. However, many of the shells were empty or sporting tasteless, puny meats.  Those that did contain viable meats were buttery and delicious.

Coming Soon!

  • Our second year of hazelnut production. 
  • New pecan trees, maybe more hazelnuts bushes will be planted too.